Studio Day Rate / without engineer

$350 per day

Studio Hourly Rate / without engineer

$50 per hour

(3 hour minimum)

All hourly sessions will be bumped when full day sessions are booked

*Engineer Rates: Contact us for quotes

Singer/Songwriter Package

2 Hours/$150. includes engineer, (digital recordings only)

What is required to book:

Half down to confirm.  

The other half is due when you get your recording.

*Engineers new to the studio are required to hire an assistant engineer @ $25 per hour


Tip: We occasionally have downtime when the studio is not booked.  You can get a lower rate if you want to book some sessions recording or mixing during those times.


If you recorded a song yourself, at home, or at another studio, 

and would like it mixed or run through analog gear,

or analog tape.

The rate is


If you, or somebody from the band, wants to be present during the process, the rate is $100/hour



We do

Analog To Digital Transfers

from these


1/4" mono

1/4" two track

1/4" 8 track

1/2" 8 Track

1/2" 16 Track

1" 16 Track

2" 24 Track



Cassette Tape

$50. per song for multitrack

(includes tape baking)

$25. per song for stereo/2 track

TAPE BAKING without transfer is

$40. per tape

All In House





If you need vinyl mastering we'll send that out rated on a per project basis.

Remote Location / Live Show Recordings

16 Track Live show recordings within 100 miles of 

St. Louis are

$500. for 4 Songs,

That includes Set-up, Recording, Mix and

one Master copy.

(No overdubs included)

Traveling further than 100 miles outside St. Louis area is $750 per 10 hour day.

You are expected to pay transportation costs, comfortable lodging, incidental costs, shipping of any extra gear needed for the project and reliable transportation to and from the airport, recording location and lodging location.  

Please email or call to discuss.


Music Production

We have a talented group of studio musicians.

 If you're looking for a full band to play your song or add an instrument to your track.

 brass, guitars, drums, woodwinds, strings, piano, percussion and supporting vocals.  Skilled, musical, professional and cool to work with in

all genres of music.